UPDATED: 10 Tips for Candidates as the Nomination Petition Filing Deadline Approaches

The April 6, 2020 deadline is fast approaching for candidates to file their nomination petition signatures. The petition filing deadline is statutory and cannot be moved by the filing office. If you were counting on the Arizona Legislature moving the filing deadline in light of the COVID-19 crisis, or relaxing the required number of signatures,Read moreRead more

Congressional COVID-19 Relief Bill Would Nationalize Ballot Harvesting

Late last night, Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives introduced an emergency supplemental appropriations bill entitled the “Take Responsibility for Workers and Families Act” to address the COVID-19 crisis. Interspersed among various health and economic stabilization measures, however, are several election-related mandates that would override state and local control of elections.  These include requirementsRead moreRead more

UPDATED: Filing Candidate Nomination Petitions at the Secretary of State’s Office

UPDATED: this post has been eclipsed by ever-changing circumstances.  Follow the post at azelectionlaw.com/index/?p=294 for updated information. Last week the Secretary of State’s Office notified federal, state, and legislative candidates of the option to file their nomination petition signatures by certified mail.  According to an email from the Elections Division, the new filing procedure reflectsRead moreRead more

Ambiguity in New “Statement of Interest” Requirement May Boot A Candidate off the Ballot

Candidates may think that filing a “statement of interest” by January 2, 2020 renders all their prior nomination petition signatures immune from challenge. Candidates should think twice about that.

Maricopa County’s Election Equipment Up for Critical Test Today

Today, for perhaps the first time ever, the Maricopa County Elections Department will have its voting equipment tested by the Secretary of State’s Equipment Certification Advisory Committee. Neither the County nor its new equipment vendor have any experience surviving this gauntlet. There are some thorny legal issues if the equipment doesn’t pass.